3 Weird Ways To Keep Your Brain Badass


  • How I Got Out Of My Brain Funk [01:14]
  • The Importance Of Doing Different Things [01:57]
  • Your Physical Body Is Directly Connected To The Brain [03:28]
  • Ideas On How To Do New Things [04:22]
  • Why Exercise Is Important To Brain Health [04:52]
  • Ideas For Getting Quick Bursts Of Exercise [05:45]
  • Using Brain Games To Challenge Your Brain [06:44]

Video Summary:

You’ve probably heard the phrase “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” It’s easy to see how that applies to physical health, but it’s important to keep in mind for brain function, too! Our brains are amazing at finding the most efficient way to accomplish any given task, so when you do the same thing over and over again, and your brain isn’t getting challenged, it starts to get complacent. Studies show that keeping an active mind is the best way to fight off aging related mental failings, so why not start now? Here are three ways that will keep your brain badass: 

  • – Try new and different things
  • – Get exercise, and 
  • – Play brain games. 

Check out the video above to learn more about each one!

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3 Weird Ways To Keep Your Brain Badass

Have you ever felt like you’re just not as on top of your game as you used to be? Like you aren’t as sharp or focused as you were a few years ago? It’s shocking how quickly the effects of mental aging can kick in – even when you’re just in your twenties or thirties! 

I started noticing that my brain seemed to be in a constant funk when I was in my late twenties. I just wanted to zone out and distract myself. I was groggy and didn’t have the excitement or enthusiasm that I used to have. I just didn’t want to think. 

Then I realized that it was because, while I was doing a lot to take care of my body, I’d stopped doing things that engaged my mind. 

Research has now come out to show that one of the best ways to fend off the most commonly seen aging-related brain disease, dementia, is to keep an active and engaged brain. 

So here are three weird ways that you can work on keeping your brain at the top of its game! 

1. Do New And Different Things

Most of us live a life of routine. We get up every morning at the same time, go through the same steps as we get out the door, take the same route to work, do the same things day in and day out, and then go to bed to repeat it all the very next day. 

When you do the same things over and over again, your brain gets really good at finding the most efficient way to do them.

While this is great at getting good at any certain thing, it’s awful for keeping your brain healthy. When your brain isn’t challenged, it isn’t growing. It gets complacent and soon you’ll start seeing that brain funk. 

It may seem like you’re too busy to learn anything new, but you can easily add new things by just adapting your same routine. Drive a different route to work. Walk up your stairs backward. Brush your teeth with the opposite hand. 

And if you DO have the time, pick up a new hobby, learn an instrument, or try a new sport! Teach yourself how to cook – whatever it is, just find something new to engage your brain in interesting ways. 

2. Get Up And Exercise

Exercise is also a critical part of brain health. A lot of the time people sort themselves into one of two categories: they’re either “smart” or “athletic.” But there’s a major issue with this mindset. 

In order to get your brain to function at peak levels, you have to be both smart and athletic.

The link between physical movement and brain health as been well documented, and it makes sense. Exercise gets the blood pumping throughout your body, not just delivering nutrients and oxygen to your organs, but removing the natural waste products. Your brain is one of those organs! 

So how can you get exercise throughout the day? You don’t need to be a full-blown athlete, but take the time to get some movement in every day, wherever you can. Do lunges while waiting for your coffee to brew. Walk up and down the stairs if you’re on a phone call. If you’re binging the latest season of your favorite show on Netflix, take a break between each episode to walk around your house a couple of times. 

Getting exercise isn’t just important for keeping your body in great shape, but for giving your brain an upper hand, too. 

3. Play Proven Brain Games

This last one is one of the easiest and most convenient things you can do to help your brain health: play brain games. 

Most of us are playing games on our phones already, so swap one of those out with a proven brain game that has the research to back it up. Dozens of them have done studies to show how their games can help their users increase their IQs, and the testimonials will back it up. 

Think of these brain games at the modern version of the crossword or Sudoku. They challenge your brain to work in different, complex ways and test you on a scale that older puzzles aren’t able to do. 

So try out some brain games, but don’t be discouraged. You may find that at first, you kind of suck at it!

If you haven’t been challenging your brain, and you jump into a game for the first time, you may find that it’s a lot harder than you thought, and you’ll feel dumb – this is a normal part of challenging your brain, and it’s what you’re looking for. You don’t want these to be easy.

You want to be at the edge of what your brain can currently do.

That’s what these games are designed to do. They’re designed to grow with you and get harder as you improve, helping you keep up to speed and constantly improving your brain function.

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