4 Things that Stop Almost Everyone From Getting The Level Of Health They Truly Want


  • – The incredible experience of coaching my mom [01:14]
  • – Stall One – Giving Yourself Permission [03:47]
  • – Find People Who Inspire You [04:46]
  • – Stall Two – Not Knowing The Real Problem [05:36]
  • – How Being RUN DOWN Leads Us To Make Bad Choices [07:18]
  • – Stall Three – Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew [11:49]
  • – How To Take Things Step-By-Step [13:14]
  • – Stall Four – Commit To The Ups And Downs [17:27]

Video Summary:

Every single time I’ve coached someone, whether I’m coaching them about their health or their life or their business, I seem to see the exact same roadblocks getting in people’s way. It doesn’t matter who they are, these four things always pop up and stall them from getting the goals they really want. Recently I had the unique experience of coaching my own mom, which was awesome and really gave me a moment to step back and see these roadblocks super clearly. If you’re struggling to achieve your goals, these things may be standing in your way:

  • – You aren’t giving yourself permission to go for it, 
  • – You don’t know what the real problem is, 
  • – You’re biting off more than you can chew, and
  • – You haven’t committed to the ups AND downs. 

To learn more about these roadblocks and how you can overcome them, watch the full video above!

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Q3_IG_4 Things that Stop Almost Everyone From getting the level of health they truly want
Q5_IG_4 Things that Stop Almost Everyone From getting the level of health they truly want

4 Things that Stop Almost Everyone From Getting The Level Of Health They Truly Want

Recently I had the unique experience of getting to consult my own mom on her health. Now, I’ve done a LOT of coaching in the past, helping people out with everything from their business to their relationships to their health, but consulting my mom was an awesome opportunity to step back and really see what’s going on underneath. 

And throughout this coaching session, I realized something. The issues that were standing between my mom and her health goals are the exact same issues that I have seen over and over again with every single coaching client I’ve ever had. It didn’t matter what they were trying to overcome, if it was an issue with their business or something as simple as trying to lose a little weight. These four roadblocks were standing in the way for each and every one of them. 

I wanted to bring these out to you to help you get through them, too. Chances are, if you’re struggling to achieve a goal, it’s because one (or all!) of these things is standing in your way. 

Roadblock 1:
You Aren’t Giving Yourself Permission To Go For It.

A lot of people never really give themselves permission to really go for whatever it is that they want. Instead, they’re too worried about what other people are going to think or say. They’re worried it won’t work. They’re worried they’re not going to do the right thing. 

When you worry so much about the things you want, what you’re actually doing is telling yourself that it’s not okay to want that thing in the first place.

So you need to break that mindset and really give yourself permission to go for it. Give yourself permission to go all in. Who cares what people think? Who cares if it doesn’t work? You’ll never know if you don’t give it a shot, and if you try it out and find it doesn’t work, then you can just give yourself permission to try something new. 

A lot of people just dabble in things without really taking them seriously because they want to be able to back out if the going gets rough, but when you give yourself permission to jump all-in, you’re going to start seeing a huge change just in your mindset around your goals, and that will make it easier for you to achieve it.

Roadblock 2:
You Don’t Know What The REAL Problem Is

Once you’ve given yourself permission to really jump all in to your health journey (or whatever journey it is!), the next thing is to identify what the REAL problem actually is. 

You may think you know what the issue is, but you’d be shocked to learn that a lot of the time the problem we THINK we’re tackling is actually just a symptom of the real issue.

For my mom, she thought her problem was that she wasn’t able to make good food choices. She was travelling all the time and defaulted to fast food rather than eating the healthy foods she’d pack for herself. When we dug down and got into it, she admitted that the reason she didn’t eat the healthy foods was because she was so exhausted and stressed out that the healthy foods were the least appetizing thing on the planet to her. She just wanted to find comfort it her food, and carrots just didn’t do it for her. 

So she was trying to solve a problem about eating healthy, but the real issue she needed to address was actually the high stress levels she was dealing with that made her default to foods she knew she shouldn’t eat. 

Once she realized that, it was easy for her to find ways to deal with her stress, and that made choosing healthier food options happen automatically. 

So figure out what’s actually standing in your way. Look underneath the issues you think you’re having to find the root cause for those issues. 

Roadblock 3:
You’re Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

This is a BIG thing that gets in the way once you’ve given yourself permission to go all-in and figured out what the real problems are. So you’re ready to go, you’re excited, you know the problem you need to tackle, so you try to do a hundred things, all at once, to fix the problem as quickly as possible. 

When you pile on a huge list of things you need to do to achieve your goal, you’re just setting yourself up to be overwhelmed, and then you’ll just stop right in your tracks because you don’t know what to do next.

You don’t want to make things harder on yourself. What you want to do, instead, is pick one or two of the most impactful actions you can take to fix the underlying problems and get them dialed in before you add anything else to your plate. 

If we look at the situation with my mom again, she knew her issue was the stress of her life getting in the way of her making good choices. Instead of trying to start meditating AND going to bed earlier AND exercising every day AND changing her lifestyle so that she didn’t have to be in high stress situations as often as she was, she took one thing and really dialed that in. 

So make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s better to have steps that you can take, one at a time, than trying to do everything at the same time. 

Roadblock 4:
You Haven’t Committed To The Ups And Downs

Finally, once you’ve gotten everything else figured out, it’s time to really commit to the entire journey.

We all want to believe that our journey to a healthier, happier life is going to look like one straight line just heading up, but the reality is that your journey will look more like mountains - climbing high to peaks and then dipping back down into low valleys.

You’ve got to be ready to ride through those lows, because they’re going to happen. You’ll pick the wrong thing to focus on and it will set you back. You’ll mess up. Something else will come up that throws you off your game. It’s life. It happens. 

But you’ve got to be ready to jump back in and ride back up to the peaks. That’s the only way you’re going to really get the health that you want. 

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