Amazing Health Tips, Tools And Tactics That Owned It In 2019


  • – Going from Extreme Keto To Something Different [01:32]
  • – Changing Your Relationship To Carbohydrates [05:43]
  • – Supplements That Help Deal With Carbs [08:39]
  • – Why To Use Enzymes For A Keto Diet [11:53]
  • – Getting An Allergy Test To Improve Your Diet [16:17]
  • – The Importance Of Moving More Often [20:07]
  • – The Value Of Functional Form Exercises [24:50]
  • – How We Improved Our Sleep This Year [33:24]
  • – How To Do A Box Breath [42:30] 
  • – Tackling The Mental Side Of Health [44:11]

Video Summary:

Wow, 2019 has been crazy, but awesome! My beautiful wife, Angel, and I have made some great strides in our health and happiness this year by testing out a bunch of different tips, tools, and tactics, and we’re here to share them with you! If you’re looking for ways to improve your health and your life going into 2020, I highly recommend you check out the video above to learn what really worked well for us in 2019. In this video, we’re going to cover a range of products, as well as special techniques and tips, including…

  • – How To Improve Your DIET
  • – How To Improve Your EXERCISE
  • – How To Improve Your SLEEP, and
  • – How To Get CONGRUENT In Your LIFE

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, check out the full video above!

Awesome Products And Services Featured In This Video:

Interested in trying out any of the products or services we talked about in this video? You’ve come to the right place!

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Amazing Health Tips, Tools And Tactics That Owned It In 2019

2019 was a whirlwind here for us at Don’t Die Of Dumb. Not only did we launch this awesome brand, but we also went out and tried TONS of different tips, tools, and tactics to optimize our health, happiness, and lives. From supplements to workout programs, phone apps to smart technology, we’ve done a LOT this year and we’re going to review what worked best for us in 2019! 

What Helped Our DIETS

One of the biggest things that impacted our diets this year wasn’t actually a product or tool at all. It was more like a way of thinking. We’ve been on a strict Keto diet for years now, and this year we decided it was time to develop a better relationship with carbs. 

A lot of people act like carbs are the devil, and you can’t have any at all, but we’ve found it’s more important to have a healthy appreciation for when you need carbs.

For Angel, lightly increasing her carb intake was an important part of her feminine health and getting her menstrual cycle back on track. For Joel, doing more intense weight training and muscle building meant he needed more carbohydrates to help his body recover. 

We also worked a lot on making those carbohydrates easier on our bodies. You can see above that several of the supplements are sugar binders that help your body handle the increase in carbohydrates. Berberine and gymnema were a huge help to us this year. 

We also focused on enzymes to help us break down our foods more easily. Taking enzymes specifically designed to help you eat specific foods can help you manage any diet. 

Finally, we also took allergy tests to determine what allergens we were accidentally eating, and we cut those out. 

It was SHOCKING to learn what things we were allergic to, and simply removing those things from our diets made a massive impact on our health.

So if you’re struggling with dietary issues going into 2020, I recommend checking out supplements and enzymes to help your body better handle the foods you’re eating, and if you haven’t, you should absolutely get an allergy test done so you can find and eliminate any dietary allergens that are making it harder for you to recover.

What Helped Our WORKOUTS

When it came to exercise, the best tip we have for you is to focus on movement – move MORE OFTEN rather than moving with MORE INTENSITY. 

If you’re doing an intense, 30-minute workout once a day, that’s not as great as finding lighter ways to keep moving all throughout the day.

We like to take little breaks throughout the day to do some quick exercises and keep our bodies limber and moving well. That can be anything from squats to jumping jacks. Anything that keeps you moving is crucial, but that movement also matters. You want to move in practical, functional ways.

Moving also helps us stay healthy. Our lymphatic system is literally a pump, and we need to maintain movement to keep it pumping toxins out of our systems.

We highly recommend checking out Foundation Training, a program that Angel has been using to help keep her moving and eliminating pain. You can also practice your own functional form exercises using just body weight, or adding cool tools like kettlebells and weighted maces! 

What Helped Our SLEEP

Getting GOOD sleep is a much bigger part of health than most people realize, and this year we really took our sleep to the next level. We’ve explored tons of ways to help us sleep, and one of the best things we’ve learned is that what we do leading UP TO sleep plays a huge role in how well we sleep. 

This year we played a lot with different breathing exercises, meditations, and apps like Heart Math to help us calm our minds and bodies down before bed. 

When you’re resetting your brain and calming it down before you go to sleep, you’ll find that you don’t just fall asleep faster, but you stay asleep more easily.

We’ve also been carefully tracking our sleep using a cool new tool called the Oura Ring. It’s one of the best health trackers on the market right now, and it is exceptional when it comes to tracking sleep. 

Besides the Oura Ring and mindfulness exercises, we also recommend taking a high quality magnesium supplement right before you go to bed. We’ve linked to one we especially love above! 


This one we don’t have tools or products for you. Instead, it’s simply a matter of looking inside yourself and finding out what you really want, what really matters for you, and GOING FOR IT. 

For us, in 2019, that was THIS PROJECT!

Don’t Die Of Dumb has been a passion project we’ve talked about doing for years, and for years we’ve found reasons not to do it. We didn’t have the time. We didn’t have the finances. We didn’t have the energy. 

Well this year, we finally said, “You know what, no. This is important to us, and we’re going to make it happen.” 

By far, it’s been the biggest success of our 2019! 

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