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If I Was To Start Keto Today

I’ve been doing keto for YEARS, and when I first got started, I had NO idea what I was doing. I tested and tweaked a lot of things to get to where I’m at, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. If I was going to start keto TODAY, for the first time, I’d do some things totally differently. I wanted to share those things with you so that you can reap the rewards of my years of toying around with the keto diet! There are four big steps I’d take in starting keto today. Check this out to learn more!

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Tools I Use To Keep Me Keto

If you haven’t seen it out there already, we’re currently running an Ultimate Keto Quickstart Kit contest! This contest is full of awesome snacks, supplements, and other gear selected personally by me to help you succeed in your keto journey! If you haven’t joined yet, visit If you have joined and you’re interested in learning more about the prizes – or you want to learn about them before you sign up – watch the video above to find out what you could win!

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3 Ways I Dealt With Chronic Pain

Are you dealing with chronic pain? A shocking number of people are, and it’s happening younger and younger. I was dealing with chronic back pain in my early twenties, and one day I finally decided that I didn’t want to live that way anymore. I looked for ways to not only end the pain I was having, but to prevent pain from happening again in the future, and I found ways that really helped me deal with it. If you’re struggling with any kind of chronic pain, you should definitely check them out in the video above!

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Tips To Finding Health And Happiness

We’re all out looking for health and happiness, but SO often I find that people will prioritize one of them at the expense of the other. Either we’re so focused on being healthy that we make ourselves miserable, eating foods we don’t like and doing exercises that make us hate our lives, or we do the exact opposite, forsaking any kind of healthy lifestyle so that we can feel happy and comfortable in the life we have. I wanted to cover some principles that help a TON when it comes to getting the healthy I’m looking for, and to actually enjoy it.

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3 Weird Ways To Keep Your Brain Badass

You’ve probably heard the phrase “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” It’s easy to see how that applies to physical health, but it’s important to keep in mind for brain function, too! Our brains are amazing at finding the most efficient way to accomplish any given task, so when you do the same thing over and over again, and your brain isn’t getting challenged, it starts to get complacent. Studies show that keeping an active mind is the best way to fight off aging related mental failings, so why not start now? There are three ways that will keep your brain badass. Check out the video above to learn more about them!

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3 Keto Tips That Are Almost Never Talked About

If you’re following a Keto diet, or if you’ve tried it and have struggled seeing the same kind of success your friends or family have gotten, we may be able to help! In this video, I cover the three biggest tips I’ve found to help make your Keto journey a huge success. When I first got into Keto, these are the things that NO ONE was talking about, but that ended up having the biggest impact on my ability to lose weight, gain energy, and feel GOOD.

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