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Why We Love Onnit

Onnit consistently creates fun, high quality snacks, supplements and fitness equipment. Onnit excels in creating snacks that taste amazing, are whole-food based, and include healthy oils.   These are great snacks whether you are paleo, ketogenic, or just want to eat healthy. They also have fitness gear focused around functional form that is simultaneously fun and badass, like Star Wars Kettlebells or the Quad-God Mace!  Onnit's Academy is a great resource to get high quality recipes, learn about optimal nutrition, and high-quality fitness training whether you are just getting started with kettlebells and maces or you want to know how to get ripped!

Why We Love Bulletproof

Dave Asprey has volunteered himself as a human guinea pig! He tests new ideas and concepts on himself, measures, runs studies. Then he releases products and supplements he has developed for use himself.

He has developed a ketogenic diet that minimizes toxins, both foreign (like mold) and intrinsic to the food (mycotoxins and leptins). Both his diet and supplements have played a key role for us for improving our health, nutrition, and losing weight.

Why We Love Thrive

Thrive carries high quality products at low prices, up to 50% of the cost found at other retailers! They carry a variety of products for all kinds of diets, strict keto to eat-your-heart-out. The Thrive Brand products are often higher quality than the top competitors. Thrive is a fan of minimal processing, high quality ingredients, and good fats, (just like us)! They also give back to the community through their charity programs.

Why We Love Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a master of human growth and change! He has dedicated his life to helping people move through their limitations to create the life THEY want! He has products, programs, coaching, and events tailored to every major area of life – health, finances, emotional and mindset wellness, relationships, leadership, and business. Tony's dedication, heart, and soul shine through in everything he touches.

Why We Love Theramu

Theramu makes CBD products that are insanely bioavailable!  They use emu oil as the carrier oil for CBD.  Emu oil is nearly identical to human skin oils (Who Knew?!).   This means they are nearly instantaneous taken up by your body and can even get to your bloodstream directly when applying it topically.  CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation regardless of the cause and Theramu takes tremendous care in the purity and care of the ingredients of their products.  And because their products don't contain THC you won't get high.

Why We Love Muse

It's getting to the point in our society where we all more or less know that we should be meditating.  But how do we know we are doing it right? The Muse takes the guesswork out of meditation for us with biofeedback. By giving us sounds to tell us how active or inactive or minds are, it allows us to learn to quiet our minds during our meditations.  If you are one of those people that have tried meditation and just aren't sure if its working, give muse a try.