Tips To Finding Health And Happiness


  • Why It’s Important To Master This Skill [01:00]
  • Tip #1: Be More Appreciative [02:28]
  • Breaking The Pattern Of Negativity [04:20]
  • Tip #2: Challenge Your Body [05:58]
  • How Being Able Bodied Helps With Happiness [06:43]
  • Tip #3: Have FUN! [08:28]
  • Remember To Reward Yourself [10:15]

Video Summary:

We’re all out looking for health and happiness, but SO often I find that people will prioritize one of them at the expense of the other. Either we’re so focused on being healthy that we make ourselves miserable, eating foods we don’t like and doing exercises that make us hate our lives, or we do the exact opposite, forsaking any kind of healthy lifestyle so that we can feel happy and comfortable in the life we have. I wanted to cover some principles that help a TON when it comes to getting the healthy I’m looking for, and to actually enjoy it: 

  • Appreciate MORE Out Of Your Life
  • Challenge Your Body, and
  • Have FUN! 

Check out the video above to get a deep dive into it! 

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Tips To Finding Health And Happiness

Sometimes it seems like we feel like we can’t really have both health and happiness. Either we make ourselves miserable doing what we need to do to stay healthy – eating diets and foods we don’t like, working out so much it feels like we’re never doing anything else, and skipping out on group nights out because all that fried food and alcohol is terrible for us – or else we’re living the way we want to live, feeling happy and content, but dealing with the health repercussions that come along with not really taking care of our bodies. 

I think it’s important that we find a way to get BOTH, and so I’ve found the primary things that really help me strike a great balance between having health and happiness. 

Check them out!

#1 Appreciate More In Your Life

This one is pretty simple, but really gets overlooked in the high-paced, high-anxiety world a lot of us are living in. It’s simply to appreciate more about your life. Look around at the world, and appreciate the stupid things maybe you take for granted. Carpets and doors, for example. Can you imagine what it would be like without those things in the world? Or the ease of being able to go to the grocery store and buy nutrient-rich, delicious foods without having to grow them yourselves. 

It’s absolutely amazing to think of how many people have to come together, how many things have to happen, just for us to live the lives we do.

Ultimately, this is one of the first steps to really appreciating your life – you’re already a miracle. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your health and body right now. Even if you’re discontented or unhappy with your body right now, the very fact that you can have those feelings is beyond comprehension. We don’t even really know where consciousness comes from! 

The fact that you have a body that you get to shape, that you get to do what you want with, the fact that you live in a world with so many opportunities around you, is awesome, and appreciating the life and body you have will help you feel more satisfied with your life, and more driven to make healthier choices that work for YOU.

#2 Challenge Your Body

I’ve found that one of the main things that diminishes both happiness and health is a lack of mobility. Think about it, when you find something you can’t do – or worse, something you used to be able to do that you can’t do anymore – it can make you feel defeated and weak. A lot of us work out in order to check off some vanity metrics, like liking the way our body looks in a mirror, bu tit really sucks when you start to lose your ability to live the life you want. 

When your mobility suffers, you may start having pain when you do every day things, like walking or getting up the stairs. Maybe you have to roll out of bed in the morning because your back is so stiff, or you have trouble bending over to get things out of low cupboards.

Being able to stretch and by physical brings a certain level of happiness, because it provides us the choices to do anything we may want to do.

I also personally enjoy a challenge. When I find something that I can’t do as well as I used to be able to do, or can’t do at all, part of me really loves working toward bettering that skill. I think it’s fun, and it helps me feel healthier AND happier. 

#3 Have FUN And Allow Yourself To Be Happy

At the end of the day, without this element, none of the other things matter. One thing I’ve seen consistently, out of the happiest people I know, is that they just allow themselves to be happy. This isn’t just for people who seem to “have it all.” This is people who are struggling with their health, people who have real hardship and intensity in their lives. The biggest thing they do, is they allow themselves to be happy. 

A lot of people seem to feel like they can’t be happy until they reach their goals, instead of rewarding themselves for the awesome lives they already have.

So if you find yourself at the end of a workout, or a week into a new diet, and you’re really struggling, you feel like you’re barely making it through, instead of knocking yourself down, reward yourself. Allow yourself to be happy with the progress you’ve made, because it’s amazing, and you’re amazing for fighting so hard for it. 

It’s okay to feel happy, so feel happy.

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