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  • What this video is about – looking at the prizes of the Ultimate Keto Quickstart Kit Contest [00:47]
  • What snack bars are included – and when I use them [01:46]
  • Supplements in the kit and why I wanted to share them [04:08]
  • Why the goal is to stay in ketosis for as long as possible [06:13]
  • Cereal that is keto-friendly (no, seriously) [09:29]
  • One last bar that hasn’t been delivered to me yet [11:42]
  • An awesome blood ketone test kit [12:36]
  • Why we wanted to build this kit for you [15:05]
  • How to enter the contest – if you haven’t already [17:17]

Video Summary:

If you haven’t seen it out there already, we’re currently running an Ultimate Keto Quickstart Kit contest! This contest is full of awesome snacks, supplements, and other gear selected personally by me to help you succeed in your keto journey! If you haven’t joined yet, visit If you have joined and you’re interested in learning more about the prizes – or you want to learn about them before you sign up – watch the video above to find out what you could win! The Ultimate Keto Quickstart Kit includes:

  • – Food Bars To Make Snacking EASY
  • – Supplements That Help You Maintain Ketosis 
  • – Cereal (Yes, Cereal) That Will Help You Get A Sense Of Normalcy 
  • – And A Blood Ketone Test Kit To Fine Tune Your Progress 

To hear more about each individual prize, watch the video above!

Awesome Products And Services Featured In This Video:

Interested in trying out any of the products we talked about in this video? You’ve come to the right place!

I use these bars all basically the same – to break my fasts and give me a boost of calories without having to slow down and stop doing what I'm doing! In this video we talked about these three:

These are the best supplements and other items I take to help me really achieve the goals I have for my keto diet, from entering ketosis faster to staying in ketosis longer. In this video we talked about these four:

Yeah, this keto cereal is awesome. If you want to enjoy some awesome keto friendly cereal that won't kick you out of ketosis and will make you feel just like a kid again, check it out: 

If you're looking to get the most out of your keto diet, get a Blood Ketone test kit to make sure you can see the results of your efforts in REAL time! Check it out (plus some extra strips and lancets, if you need 'em): 

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Tools I Use To Keep Me Keto

Sometimes being keto can be TOUGH. Living a keto life can mean giving up a lot of things you love, from some of our favorite comfort foods to habits, like snacking. Man, when I went keto, did I miss SNACKING! Early on, five or so years ago when keto was really just getting off the ground, there weren’t a lot of options that really assisted us in replacing these things, so we just had to make due. 

I’ve found some things throughout the years that really make it easier, and I wanted to share them with you. These are things that have become really valuable to me in living a keto lifestyle, and I’ll cover why I love them so much, as well as how I use them to really help me achieve the results I’m looking for in my keto diet, so that maybe you can get the same awesome benefits I’ve gotten!

1 - Protein And Meal Replacement Bars

There are three bar options in the kit – Atlas Protein Bars, Dang Bars, and Mitomix bars. Depending on the brand and the flavor, they all have varying numbers of carbs, though you do have to make sure not to just binge on bars because that will take you over the limit you need to stay under to remain in ketosis. 

I like to use bars as my first break in my fast, which is usually around two or three in the afternoon. They’re a great way to break a 14 to 16 hour fast because they’re low in carbs, high in protein or other nutrients, and they’re super filling. 

So if you use one of these bars to break your fast, you can keep up in the stride of your routine without worrying about having to stop and pause for a meal. I can keep up on my calls for work, building systems, or working on content like this without missing a beat – OR eating too many carbs! 

2 - Supplements

The whole point of these supplements is to either help me get to kesosis, keep me in ketosis, or clean out my system to make ketosis easier to achieve. This kit includes four awesome supplements:

Brain Octane Oil, from Bulletproof, is a high quality MCT oil that has been refined to only keep the chains that really help with ketosis. If you’re in a fasted state, Brain Octane can kick you right into ketosis. It’s also a great source of fat that will keep you in ketosis for longer. I usually add this into some clean base, like coffee, tea, or water, and have it before I break my fast in the morning. I also use it to add a nice kick to my veggies or meat dishes later in the day. I’ll warn you, with brain octane, you want to start slow. This stuff can be really intense if you’re not used to it! 

Keto Blitz is another great supplement. This is a BHB salt, which is a precursor to ketones and allows your body to use this directly as fuel. This is great when you’re switching from heavy carbs, where you were able to grab quick food for a burst of calories and energy. Instead, Keto Blitz can help you get that energy right away without feeling hungry and reaching for those carbs to hold you over. Just like Brain Octane, this is something I add to my coffee in the morning during my fasting period. 

Ultra Salt from Pure Vitamin Club is a great way to get electrolytes in. I’ve worked with Pure Vitamin Club for years, and they’re one of the greatest companies at really making sure the supplements they provide are pure and clean. I use Ultra Salt to replenish the crucial nutrients that are being consumed in your body. Especially if you’re also working out, sweating, and drinking a lot of water, your electrolyte balance can get messed up, and this can get you back on track. Again, I usually take this when I’m fasting. 

Coconut Charcoal, also by bulletproof, isn’t a supplement so much as it is a way to prevent yourself from suffering from some of the bad side effects of straying a little from your keto diet. This charcoal binds with some of the other stuff that does damage to your cells. So if you go overboard on things that you know aren’t great for your system, like dairy, for example, taking this can help streamline it and allow you to get back to a place where it can get into ketosis more easily again. 

3 - Keto-Friendly Cereal

I know – cereal is probably the LAST thing you expect to be able to have when you go keto, but this stuff is the real deal. Magic Spoon Cereal is an awesome low carb, high protein cereal that fits perfectly in with my keto lifestyle. And when I say low carb, I mean it. They can have as few as THREE net carbs, which is freaking awesome. 

There are a variety of flavors available: cocoa, cinnamon, frosted, and fruity. That way, you can get back the nostalgia of kicking back with your favorite bowl of cereal. 

I just use these with almond milk, but you can use whatever your favorite milk or milk substitute is. 

One of the biggest benefits to these cereals? Getting to get back to some of the comfort foods you thought were gone forever when you went keto. These are a great way to feel like you kind of have a foot in both worlds. 

4 - Ketone Blood Testing Kit

Finally a ketone blood testing kit was critical to me, not just as I started my keto journey, but as I test out new foods, techniques, tricks, and anything else to make my keto diet even better.

Keto is one of the few diets where you can actually know if you’re winning. If your blood ketone level is right, you can actually SEE that you’re doing something right!

I also find that this testing kit makes living a keto lifestyle more of a game that I can beat. It’s awesome to be able to try out new foods or switch up my routines to see how it affects my ketone levels.

Enter To Win The Contest!

As of the writing of this article, we’re currently running a contest where you can win all of these awesome prizes to help make your keto journey even easier. If you want to join, just visit and sign up! 

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